My Story


Hello, Everyone! I appreciate each one of you for taking an interest into my blog, where you will find everything true|raw|real with me. I am 25 years old, currently living in Winston-Salem, NC while I nanny after-school and earn my Master’s in Business (MBA) online through my collegiate alma mater, East Carolina University (go Pirates!), where I earned a Bachelor’s in Business Administration (BSBA), with a concentration in Marketing. I love traveling, winewinewinewinewine, running, cooking and my two cats and little bunny. Oh, and wine. I have only been blogging for a few months now and am now trying to catch up for all the posts I have missed out on documenting over the past two years. While I’ve been earning my MBA online, I have had the flexible pleasure to take that time to travel and discover me. I never had the opportunity as a child to see the world and was too busy saving money to enjoy spring break with my college friends. Thus, I have been taking advantage of doing my grad classes online so I can expand my mind on the world and discover. I want to share all of my worldly experiences with you, past and future trips, through The Retreat.

This past year in 2016 has been a new one for me. I have discovered and taken upon myself to live, to my fullest ability, each day through a holistic lifestyle. It all started when I was intrigued by a celebrity to try out supplemental dusts into my daily routine. This was the start of my new lifestyle: expanding my mind, eating clean, giving back to my body and more! I began to discover different holistic, wellness and lifestyle blogs that basically became the new version of my morning paper. This new lifestyle has really helped ground me through all of the stress grad school has brought me over the past two years. It has helped me love myself more and appreciate all that I do for myself, my mind and my body. Our body does so much for us, I mean think about it, it keeps up breathing, loving, thinking, how could we NOT want to give back to it what it gives us each day (and, technically, night). I enjoy giving back to my body through running and eating. I don’t count calories. Ever. I eat for nutrients and never for cravings. Food is amazing and can be even more amazing if we all take time to slow down and pay attention to what we are eating, enjoying what’s going into our bodies and never feeling guilty from it. I still eat everything I want, never once have I been on a diet. But, I do it in a smart way (I want the burger, but can’t I still enjoy it without the bun?). I love cooking, especially for a big group of people-I get that from my dad-and experimenting with new foods. I used to be picky, nowadays I feel like I am limiting myself by being picky. Join me in my cooking journey through The Kitchen. If there are any recommendations I always love to hear them!

I decided on Caroline’s Nook because I didn’t want to be limited to one theme of a blog. I want to share my travels, my outfits, my recipes, my photography, my lifestyle, my interests, my typical day, my random thoughts and random discoveries(The Nook). I want this to be a blog that each and every one of you enjoy. If you have comments, questions, tips or suggestions PLEASE contact me. I want this blog to be just as much you as it is me. Feel free to check out my social links at the top and I also have a Snapchat (cwmiller0914) for all of my daily doings. I hope you enjoy and welcome to my little nook of the world!



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