Zucchini Noodles

My favorite dish, the only thing I order, when I go to Diamondback in Winston-Salem is the Paleo Zucchini Noodles. So YUM. Now, the dish at Diamondback comes with spinach|artichokes|red peppers|mushrooms and a choice of sauce (I always go with marinara). I was so inspired to try this at home, so to save money I added my own ingredients to the noodles. I hope you enjoy my creation!


  • Zucchini Noodles (Pick ‘n Prep from a store or slice them yourself)
  • Brussel Sprouts
  • Mushrooms
  • 1 small jar of Rao’s (ALWAYS Rao’s) pasta marinara sauce
  • Marsala wine for cooking
  • Cracked black pepper
  • Pink Himalayan sea salt

Brussel Sprouts | Preheat oven to 400F. Toss sprouts in cracked pepper, Himalayan sea salt and olive oil (just as done on my Brussel Quinoa Bowl). Put in the oven for 35-40mins. flipping them over halfway to get an even bake.

Zucchini Noodles | Sauté the noodles in a pan with some olive oil, just as you would regular vegetables to be sautéed, until the noodles are softer.

Mushrooms | In a separate pan, sauté the mushrooms with one small sliver of butter and  marsala wine. Use enough of the wine to cover the mushrooms so they can evenly absorb the wine-that’s when you know the mushrooms are done. You can find basic marsala wine in the wine section of any grocery store, I personally prefer the non-sweet kind.

Heat the pasta sauce in a small pot over the stove, mix the ingredients together as you wish and enjoy! Hope you like my first attempt at zucchini noodles as much as I did.

Happy cooking!


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