Graduation, Mother’s Day and a Royal Wedding

1 down, 1 to go! It’s been a busy 10 days recently with two fully-packed weekends back-to-back with the start of my summer Finance grad class in the middle. My first weekend started off with my brother’s graduation from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC) with his Master’s in Accounting degree and ended with Mother’s Day. I had a difficult time figuring out what to wear for a graduation in May when the day was supposed to be rainy and 60 degrees. So, I pulled out my t-shirt dress I bought from a boutique during my La Jolla trip, with warm tights and booties. Paired with the hotel’s Detox smoothie for an early morning |pineapple, ginger, coconut water, banana, spinach and mango|. If you guys are ever in the area or want a romantic night away, the Carolina Inn is the place to stay if you are visiting the college town and if you want a lovely place outside the town, Fearrington House is great too. Mom and I spent the night before graduation enjoying wine on the Inn’s lobby couches.



For Mother’s Day, I took my mom to Medaloni Cellars. The house where I grew up is lucky to have about 4 vineyards/wineries within 10mins. drive. Medaloni for the Day was hosting two bands on opposite ends of the property and mom and I decided to branch out and try-later on, LOVE-their rosé-along with two other different types of their whites. We tried to enjoy sipping outside for about an hour before we had to make our way back into the bar barn from the heat. These Cellars are so lovely amongst the fields and trees in Lewisville, NC and there are two levels to the property. The higher one has an outdoor bar with lounging and the lower level is the indoor barn converted into a modern barn with outside seating. There was also plenty of field space for guests to bring their own blankets/chairs-outside food/snacks is welcome as well!


|I do have to say, I see my future self enjoying more rosé|

Skipping through the week. I mean, you all don’t want to hear about me jumping into my summer grad class. One Finance. 18 chapters. 11 weeks. But, I do hope that all this grad work will pay off eventually to earn me as much “green” as this vitamin-packed smoothie looks!


NOW! On to weekend #2, a Royal one in fact. Erik and I’s friends, William and Kate’s wedding festivities! We started Friday night off with drinks at a post-rehearsal party where I sported this silky flow dress, added with elegant pearls and a pop of red for enhancement {I got my red heels from Poshmark, read my rants and new listing here and how to win a Vera Bradley for 75% off!}. Oh, remember my rant on a potential new love for rosé? Kate introduced me to the sparkling rose that night and it was such a refresher when you don’t want champagne, in L|O|V|E let’s say again. Erik and I decided to spend our Saturday before the wedding enjoying each other’s company on my back deck while sharing some Juvé y Camps brut that we got from our traditional weekly wine tastings at Wine Market.


When it comes to getting ready for an occasion or event, we can both be pushing it to the last second of leaving the house in true Erik and Caroline style. I mean, he has to go through as many wardrobe choices as I do and-unlike me who can sift through them all with speed to put together an outfit-some of my time has to be set aside to help him put together something nice…..or, perhaps, to my standards….or my fashion sense 😉 Either way we can get ourselves cleaned up very nicely when we need to if I can say so myself.

He|a navy/black Tommy Hilfiger sport coat, with the hint of an elegant white shirt and black pants to bring out the black in the coat

Me|a cold shoulder Romeo+Juliet Couture dress with accessories to bring out the smaller colors: burgundy Nordstrom ribbon-tie wedges and a mint green necklace


We had so much at William + Kate’s wedding, located: WinMock! This was our first invite to a wedding where we already knew, and enjoyed the company of, all of the friends attending. One of my best male friends was the best man. They always say you never know the behind-the-scenes, but I swear this wedding was perfect top to bottom-DJ, food, place setting, drinks, photo booth, s’Mores bar, you name it! The outdoor ceremony was unique to me, and not of the traditions you mostly see. The cocktail hour before the reception had great hors d’oeuvres and His and Her signature ROYAL cocktails.

His|The Windsor|Classic spin on gin and tonic

Her|The Middleton|Non-blended twist on a strawberry daiquiri


I was probably the most obsessed with their catering food options for dinner because it was vegetables on vegetables and guys, you know how much I LOVE TO INTAKE MY VEGGIES. They MUST take up a majority of my plate. I really had no more pictures after stepping into the reception because I wanted to be completely in the moment for these two’s wedding.

From my whole heart to yours, I truly wish William and Kate the happiest of days, a wonderful lifetime of flaws|cheer|compromise|excitement|worry and everything else that makes life, life and it can now be conquered and shared between the two of you. To a lifetime of marriage and a love for eternity…


Other styles worn during the day on these two weekends, outside of all 3 occasions:

  • Wine tastings on a chilly day call for crop long sleeve tops, Steve Madden shades and converses for pop


  • Downtown on a chilly Saturday night calls for velvet tank tops, booties, Michael Kors purse and a lace kimono


  • Brunch after a long wedding night calls for a fringe kimono, band t-shirt and converses



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