Poshmark Listing: Vera Bradley Purse

Hi all!

I made my first listing for sale on Poshmark a few days ago! If none of you haven’t heard of this website/app let me tell you: I first discovered it when I was frantically searching for a kimono just like the one Haley wore during the episode Spring Break on Modern Family. Yes, yes it is the same kimono I wore for the Titanic Dinner! I got it brand new for about $20 off Urban Outfitters’ price. AMAZING. I did some more digging around and found out that this company has thousands of gently worn and never worn clothes at discounts. So far, I have only bought items new/never worn. And soon to find out that it’s also a place for people to post clothing|shoes|accessories|you name it from their boutiques on there for sale as well. LOTS of great prices and for under $7 expedited shipping you don’t have to wait a looooong week just to get your goody!

I have been obsessed with this-seriously, it’s like my Email. I check and scroll through randomly during the day, when I wake up in bed and when I am in bed at night. You can “like” things that get saved to your profile for you to easily go back and purchase. They also offer a feature where you can bundle items bought from the same seller at a discount as well make an offer for a lower price-if the seller accepts CHA-CHING you saved more money! Other than my kimono, I was able to buy a few different colored heels and my sparkly navy blue crop top from my New Year’s Eve outfit, my printed booties that people ask me about all the time and I tell them POSHMARK, and more.

Signing up is free and so is downloading the app. If you have anymore questions let me know in the comments or send me a message from my Mailbox.

Okay, so, back to my Vera Bradley listing. This is my first one for sale as I am new to the sale part and not the buy part. If you want to find me and my listings search @millerca91

*My purse was $60 and is now listed for $25 (you pay shipping). For all of you followers/readers: I will give you $10 off!!

You can find all my detailed information on this gently used purse at my Poshmark listing. All of you lovely readers can get a BETTER DISCOUNT than my Poshmark followers, because you all have been too too sweet to follow my blog/Instagram! YOU are the reason I keep creating content. Remember, this is a relationship. I want my blog to me about you as much as it is about me.

Here are the rules:

  • Follow my blog OR (if you don’t have a WordPress account) follow my Instagram
  • Tag a friend on my Instagram post and tell me why you love Poshmark
  • Then, use your Poshmark account to like my listing and comment you are one of my Blog and/or social media followers

*I just started my summer grad class, so I will give this until the day after Memorial Day-May, 30-to announce who gets the purse at the double discount! Follow my Instagram to find out the winner.

As they say at Poshmark: “Happy Poshing!”

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