Watermelon, Cucumber Refresher

Cinco De Mayo has come and gone, I hope you all spent it well! Erik and I started it off with our favorite Tex-Mex in Winston-Salem, The Porch. I got, again, the Santa Clara Rice Bowl along with a refreshing, yet light, lavender margarita. I can’t express enough how much you guys need to try this place if ever in Winston, NC! This is a place that you are better served coming for an early lunch/dinner or a late lunch/dinner. It’s amazing how much 20mins. can make a difference on no wait to over an hour wait.


Anyway, Saturday was a tiresome day to relax and catch up on Zzzzs. Though, we did go out Saturday night for a birthday. You can find my outfit pairing on my Instagram |Jeggings/Boots: American Eagle  Bralette: Free People| it was perfect for the sudden weather change, or decrease, back to the 50s at night. NORTH CAROLINA WEATHER: MAKE UP YOUR MIND. Our weekend ended with taking Erik to the Divine Llama Vineyards where Lauren and I went exactly a week before. They had babies this time and OH how adorable they were! One honked at Erik after sniffing him (teehee).


|Sheer Purple Top/Bralette: Free People  Cardigan: H&M  Leggings: American Eagle  Sunglasses: Steve Madden|

Now, the weekend recap is done and it’s time for the cocktail I made for Cinco De Mayo, Watermelon Cucumber Refresher. This drink was a tester for me in case I wanted to start making it throughout the summer. I already had the vodka leftover from my New Years Eve cocktail and I found Tropicana watermelon juice in the store so the creative summer juices (no pun intended…or is it?) really started flowing.


What you need:

  • Tropicana Watermelon
  • Rain Cucumber Vodka
  • Bag of Blueberries-Frozen
  • Lime Juice
  • Fresh Mint Leaves

*I used frozen blueberries because, though they don’t initially muddle well, the flavor over time melts into the drink and doubles for ice cubes as well!

Muddle, as best you can, the mint leaves and blueberries in a glass. Then add the Rain Cucumber Vodka to your liking (I did about a shot and half), then stir in the lime and watermelon juice to taste.


Warning: the watermelon juice is SO SO sweet and does a GREAT job at masking the vodka taste. So be careful! Just because it doesn’t seem strong at first, DOES NOT mean you haven’t added enough alcohol. Trust me, you probably did!

Top off with some mint garnish and VOILA! you are ready to relax with some friends on a porch or by the pool refreshing with this cocktail. Please comment and let me know what you think, I love hearing from you all! Hope you enjoy, cheers.


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