Finals, Wine and Llamas

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Finals week, the death of all students. If you’ve read my bio, you know I am a graduate student almost done earning her MBA, whew! Finals are a week of nerves and tiresome and all anyone wants after stepping out of that last final is some sort of relief, a celebration. I, myself, had to spend my whole finals week doing a solo case analysis on healthcare along with chugging through a 12 page study guide-8 chapters-for an MIS class (computer systems and information for business, essentially). Erik came into town for a doctor appointment so I took his company as an excuse to distract my stressed brain. Seriously, I was stumped for 2 DAYS on the financial analysis/income statement part of my case analysis for Marketing. We decided to grab a snack at our favorite go-to place in downtown Winston-Salem, Quanto Basta. And by snack, I mean our typical cheese board. Their’s is the best, but we will take cheese and wine from anywhere really 😉 You could almost say it’s our couple “signature.” It was a hot, North Carolina Wednesday so I opted for some bubbly this time instead of wine.


Wine came after finals. I had my MIS final on Saturday 10:30am and eased my mind that evening with my mom at a local vineyard, Westbend, for some wine and crackers. As you can see from the picture, having a vineyard in the outskirt country of Winston is a plus when the sun sets. But, the wine celebration still continued…


On Sunday my best friend Lauren drove into town to celebrate me being done with finals, which meant I was 5/6 done with grad school! We did some shopping first-I had to get myself updated on the latest sun glasses style-and then headed over to East Bend, NC for wine and llamas |WINE+LLAMAS| This place is roughly 90mins. from Charlotte too. Divine Llama Vineyards. Talk about an adult petting zoo and an adventure for an afternoon! You can bring your own food/snacks or they have a food truck on site. And, of course, they sell their wine by the bottle, glass, or you can do a tasting. But, that’s just the vineyard part. The vineyard shares property with a llama farm so you can walk around and see the grapevines and llamas in their fence. Sometimes the staff will put them on a leash and walk them up to the guests to pet and take pictures with while sipping vino.


Other than the cute fascination with these odd, funny creatures, this farm was so beautiful and in a prime location to where you could see Pilot Mountain just past the main farmhouse. The llamas were just too much for my, so please excuse my many photos, as I couldn’t narrow them down. If anyone is interested, I HIGHLY recommend getting family and/or friends together and spending a day here. You won’t regret the experience!


FullSizeRender 4

I was lucky enough to finish my finals a week before the rest of my school. So, for any of you out there still chugging along, nerves wracked, hoping that finals aren’t the death of you. Take a deep breath, know when you’ve studied all you can, give yourself small rewards along the way and BEST BEST of luck to all of you for a happy end of semester, congratulations!


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