Easter Weekend + The Titanic

Easter weekend was yet again another experience! Starting off on Good Friday with some Erik time and sushi. My favorite roll to get at Mizu is Kevin’s: spicy tuna, yellowtail and avocado (inside); spicy kani and caviar (on top). Erik is on good basis with the waiters/waitresses so we got a special roll as a surprise along with it.


The next day, Saturday, we had our usual free wine tasting at Wine Market courtesy our wine club memberships. I happily sported a dress…..tunic?…..by Free People (see Instagram) paired with my grandmother’s vintage coin earrings. Later that night we met up with some of his family and enjoyed an elegant meal from Winston-Salem’s Spring House. This dinner was very intriguing and special: we were kept company by two other couples amongst  a big community table top, tasting the LAST 10 MEALS ever served upon The Titanic herself, each dish paired with the appropriate wine of course. All 10 courses are displayed above and below with my favorites to follow:

FullSizeRender 3

I basically enjoyed all the courses except for #9. If you all ever know about this one, looks like spam, tastes like bologna. NO THANKS. Just to be fair and to say that I participated in all of this event, I tried a bite…..still NO THANKS. But, every other course and its pairing was more than delightful. A few are pictured below (#s 4, 5, 6, 7 and 10):

During these 10 courses, we got enjoy the food while listening to the history of the ship and that unfortunately fateful night. Did you know:

  • Titanic was 17 stories tall (most cruise ships aren’t that high nowadays)
  • First-class tickets were $3,300 (back then! Think about inflation, that’s like you paying around $20,000 for first-class cabin today-I hope my math is correct)
  • Low-class cabins from the movie where Jack shared a small room with two bunk beds went for $32
  • Around 2/3 of the passengers on the ship DID NOT survive
  • The rescue boat was NOT the first one to receive a distress signal. Another ship nearby received the first flare, but did not receive the distress call because the emergency members of Titanic were so inexperienced that they did not properly Moore’s Code their lights to let the other boat know they were in trouble.
  • Titanic began to sink at 2:30am on April 14th and it took an hour for the actual rescue boat to come around 3:30am. In that cold water, that’s a looooong hour. Also, imagine being 17 stories off the water and frantically jumping off ship?

Now, on to the fashion! What was worn during this historical dinner? Well, Erik sported an appropriate smoking jacket he got for Christmas and I put together an outfit with a kimono (Urban Outfitters; top: American Eagle) that was truly, and only, inspired by dreams of wishing I was at Coachella that weekend (maybe someday I will attend). Seriously, there were SO many posts of people being at that festival all weekend I couldn’t help but not escape the vibes I was getting from social media.


Our Easter Sunday was spent starting off with a walk around my neighborhood. I was SO bloated from the weekend, I needed to get out and moving in nature in some way. And, thus, ended in Erik and I enjoying the spring weather on my deck with an-unused-wedding gift for my parents, a wine cooler. I’d like to call it my own “adult” Easter basket 😉 (P.S. this was a white courtesy of the 2 wines we receive from being wine club members of Wine Market).


After some light porch drinking, while watching Erik’s new binge, Shark Tank, through his phone screen, we headed off to Easter Sunday dinner with my dad and Nanci at Milner’s (yes, the same restaurant Oprah went to when in Winston-Salem for Maya Angelou’s funeral). This was definitely the most well-spent Easter weekend and I topped it off with some Michael Kors (blouse) paired with H&M (burgundy shorts). Side note, I am loving how thick my eyebrows are beginning to look, I used to want them thin and now I am embracing the wilder side!


Hope your Holiday weekend was just as well, happy Easter!


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