Cucumber Mint Cocktail

If you enjoyed my Antioxidant Cocktail, then you’ll love this creation I made for New Years 2017, and it will even make more a refreshing wellness drink during the summer! I  still have some left over from New Years-it takes me almost a full year to finish one bottle of liquor-you’ll find out quickly how much of a wine lover I am. Anyway, I also am iffy on getting cocktails because of the sugary mixers and YUCK they hurt my stomach. Thus, when I stumble-uponed this Rain Cucumber Vodka I instantly had a recipe that involved more natural sugar from muddled fruit. The bubbles helped ring in the New Year as I sipped on this cocktail while getting ready for my night. I hope you try this as it gets warmer out!

What to do

  1. Muddle : cucumber, blue berries, black berries and mint leaves in [what I used] a stemless red wine glass
  2. Shake / Stir : Cucumber vodka, lime juice and ice. Pour on top of muddles
  3. Splash : any kind of bubbly of your choosing 🙂



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