S.E.A. Toast

Okay, okay. Again with my pun-like wording. But, I had all of these leftovers so how could I NOT try it out for you guys and..yeah..the acronym was an easy switch from my E.A.T. Toast (see other post). Would you believe me that the connection between S.E.A. and salmon fish occurred AFTER I ate this for lunch? I swear things can go right over my head sometimes. Here we go!

Layers needed for S(almon) E(gg) A(vocado) Toat:

  • 1 toasted slice of pumpernickel bread (just discovered that this compliments the avocado VERY well)
  • Add the halved avocado (don’t forget some Himalayan sea salt, cracked black pepper and lemon juice to mix)
  • Scrambled 2 eggs (I didn’t poach this time, but you still can!)
  • 1 little salmon patty filet (I baked this in the over first until done)

Top it all off with some lemon juice drizzle and ENJOY!

Let me know what you think. Personally, I loved this as a quick need-to-eat-leftovers lunch. HELLO: you know I love things that fill you up but are easily digestible! However, and this could just be my taste buds, it was a little to “fishy” tasting for a lunch. I usually do my seafood for dinner, but I still think this last-minute trick was nifty enough when the rest of the day is calling. Cheers.


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