Antioxidant Cocktail

| A healthy choice for a night out or stay-in with guests |

Bloated. Full. Groggy. These were the symptoms I was getting so tired of after drinking beer-parties, deck hang outs, tailgates, you name it. Beer had to be no more. I couldn’t help it. My stomach was too weak for an IPA and it definitely was not too cheap for a lite beer. Blue Moon was my go to, especially in college. The original orange Belgium white was a perfect compliment for any warm night or fall tailgates. But, I was soon to grow tired of how bloated I felt the next day, needless to say how I could have an empty stomach and only 3 would make me feel like I just ate a Thanksgiving feast. Thus, away with the beer and on came my next phase: a wine snob. Can’t get enough of it and to pat myself on the back I have been beer-free over a year!

Wine was more than just a beer replacement. I had to acquire the taste, as most people do. But, with maturity, and my stomach problems (as mentioned in prior posts), saying goodbye to my cares about feeling good and buzzed was easy. Simple. I now had a drink I didn’t feel like had to be downed-I mean even when you’re not drinking to drink you can still go through a beer quickly-and I could just sip and appreciate the taste. That’s another aspect about my new holistic lifestyle and eating. Eat what makes you happy, but slow down, appreciate it, enjoy it. Okay, back to it. It also allowed me to find a new hobby and appreciation with my long-term boyfriend. We became members of a local wine club, indulge in the glories of shopping for wine and going to (almost) weekly wine tastings. It was our couple thing. I mean, I don’t even think we find tastings anymore, they find us (no, seriously we got offered one when we happened to be looking for wine at Harris Teeter. HARRIS. TEETER.) What does my transition from college beer to wine lover story have to do with this yummy picture and post title? Well, maybe nothing, but it showed my thought process to now on not just eating clean, but drinking clean as well. SO, we all know the benefits antioxidants can do for us: better mood, skin, immunity and more.

Here is my cocktail of choice for such:

  • Muddle: blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and mint leaves in a glass
  • Add: organic vodka (to taste….or however you want the night to go *wink*) I prefer Rain organic cucumber vodka for this recipe
  • Splash: club soda
  • Squeeze: fresh lime juice
  • Garnish: with a lime wedge and mint leaf

Comment, message me or check out my Instagram! Let me know if you tried it, what you thought or what your go-to healthy night out would be. Remember: drink well, responsibly, and be well. Cheers.


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