Girl Scout Cookies and Wine, Oh My!

I am a member of a wine club here in Winston-Salem, NC courtesy of W-S Wine Market! Each Saturday members get free wine and craft beer tastings. This weekend was a special occasion: the wines were paired with Girl Scout cookies. This was so fun. I LOVE learning about wine, its growing process and what foods are best paired with it. I can’t express enough how much I enjoy learning new things. Personally, my favorite Girl Scout cookies will always be Caramel deLites (it will never feel normal calling them Samoas, to me) and the Peanut Butter Patties (never even heard of the alternate, Tagalongs). I am not much of a cookie person in general so my preferences are limited; however, I have a list of some of the wines I tried [pictured] with their pairings and hopefully your preferred cookie is on the list!

  • Dibon, Cava – Brut Rosé | Do-si-dos / Peanut Butter Sandwiches
  • Bayten – Chardonnay | Shortbread / Trefoils
  • Tridente, Entresuelos – Tempranillo | Caramel deLites / Samoas
  • Punto Final, Reserva – Malbec | Peanut Butter Patties / Tagalongs
  • Shoofly – Shiraz | Thin Mints

Even though I don’t have a preference for mint taste, my favorite was the Shoofly, Thin Mints pairing! Or maybe it is because that was my favorite wine of them all to taste…hmm. The Brut Rose paired with the Peanut Butter Patties reminded me of a peanut butter jelly sandwich! The Tempranillo was a surprising delight, with coffee flavors empowering the tip of your tongue, paired with the Caramel it reminded me of a Starbucks macchiato. I did enjoy the others, but perhaps too much sweetness with so much wine was too much for one afternoon. I hope you guys get a chance to try this list, or even come up with you own, either way share your thoughts with me and I’d love to listen!

Happy tastings.


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