Jamaica, Montego Bay


I told you all you would be seeing a majority of my travel posts involve the Hyatt brand hotel. So, when it was time for Erik and I to take our first tropical trip together you KNOW it could only be in one place, Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall. This all-inclusive resort comes with the most amazing views, bars and restaurants! Though family friendly, this place is not like your typical college/high school all-inclusive only come for the booze resort. No. This place has the best fine dining, customer service and amenities. This resort is huge and essentially “split” into a family guest room building (Hyatt Ziva) and an adults only guest room building (Hyatt Zilara). Both with their own pools, but both sharable. Well, the “adults only” can hang out at the larger lounge pool on the “family” side, but kids cannot come over to the adults-only side, naturally. That being said, the family side is where all the shops, restaurants and bars are-the main resort. But, the adults-only side was obviously attractive to Erik and I, who ever gets to CHOOSE to stay where no screaming kids are allowed? Side note: love kids, but I do like my exclusivity where I can get it.

It took us over a day to get used to our first all-inclusive stay. Dine and dash? Norm. No bar tips? Norm. Beach butlers? Norm. Coffee and small bagel in the morning hassle-free? Norm. Get your in-room mini bar stocked from gin, vodka to local rum each day? Norm.

We were lucky enough to have our travel agent help us out with this trip because she connected us with the VIP stay at the airport (arriving and departing). Free food and drinks while we wait for our shuttle or flight. She even got us our own…airport usher?…to greet us off the plane with a sign and bypass us through all the long lines. Our vacation definitely started off feeling taken care of it it only went up from there. After starting to get a bit buzzed from the VIP lounge, we shuttled off to the resort where we were met at the front desk with champagne and an off to upgrade our room for free. Now, by upgrade, I mean from a room with two queens to a room with a king. Erik and I already took the smart root upon planning this trip and had our travel agent book us the swim-up suites. Why? Well, it would be a lie to say that the flashiness of it wasn’t an awe-moment, but it truly had to do with how Erik and I compromise. He likes to rest on vacation. I like to go out and experience the location I am in, immerse in it. So what better room for us both than a place where I can be out lounging, swimming, enjoying myself right next to the room while he still sleeps and relaxes?

Places we ate:

  • Petite PariZ
  • Urban Heat
  • Di Roza
  • BraZil Steakhouse
  • Blue Grill at CalypZo
  • ChoiceZ Buffet (my wrap from here is pictured, so much better than any American buffet)

Places we drank:

  • IslandZ Swim-up Bar
  • Union Jack’Z Pub
  • FeZ Rooftop Bar
  • StirZ Piano Bar


The rest of our 5 day, 4 night trip was split between the beach and pool areas, naturally. We wish we had more time to dedicate to the resort’s golf course or the spa. The resort even has those cool half-egg-dome looking chairs on the beach that is VERY romantic to spend time together in late at night with a drink. We even met a couple on their honeymoon and hung out one night in the on-the-water gazebo. There is no telling what will happen on a trip, who you will meet! Remember the random waitstaff Erik and I hung out with after having dinner one night in my Charleston post? Adventure. I love it!

If you want a true resort experience in Jamaica, this Hyatt is the place to choose. Can’t say I’m not biased, but I am now and will always be a Forever Hyatt!

Happy travels


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