Charleston, SC

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First spring break in grad school and we are off to Charleston! This was the second visit I have made here, but it’s been since my high school took us on a college tour road trip. It was, however, Erik’s first time visiting. He loved Wilmington, NC when I took him on his first visit, so I figured he would enjoy Charleston as well. We stayed at a nice boutique hotel, The King Charles Inn. Unfortunately, at the time of our travel, there was no Hyatt brand in town yet. Complimentary snacks and wine were served every evening to guests and it was in a great location for everything to be walking distance-we really don’t like to drive around as much once we are finally at our destination. We had some problems the first 2 nights with our A/C, but the front desk and maintenance were quickly accommodating until the problem was finally resolved. Plus, it’s always a bonus to find hotels that come with a mini fridge, we always stock up on bottles and bottles of wine whenever we travel. Need some sips while lounging and getting ready during the night times!


Places to Eat:

We had the best, kindest waiter/waitress at Fleet Landing, they enjoyed our table company so much that they met up with us after closing to show us some of Charleston’s local dive bars, Erik’s favorite. Personally, my two favorite places for a drink were Republic Garden and Lounge and Rooftop at The Vendue hotel. This hotel was so lovely to visit for a night! Walking through the lobby to get up to the rooftop, we passed through a small art exhibit. I love finding random art exhibits to stop and admire. My favorite exhibit was the ViewMaster Reels scattered around for a display, each had a picture depicting a different movie inside, like The Wizard of Oz (pictured below). Up at the bar, Erik got splendidly distracted by a human-sized Pin Art (remember those?). It was funny watching him try to press his whole body up against this thing just to see his imprint on the other side (also pictured below).

One day was basically spent walking everywhere (Rarebit was soooo much food!), taking the town in. I enjoy walking when I travel, I feel like I can be immersed in the destination more when walking the streets and admiring the locals, places to eat, shops, town sites, etc. I also knew that Erik would enjoy this for the day because he gets to wrapped up into history and how could you not feel it when walking the streets of Charleston? Almost every building has a plaque on it (Erik had to read as many as he came across) describing its history. We even made a stroll through the Charleston City Market, he found a t-shirt, I bought artwork of Rainbow Row. Of course we soon made our way toward all of the finer shops and boutiques. Again, I always need to leave a trip with some local fashion. After some shopping and window-looking, I came away with a few things from a VERY hidden boutique, Sassy Shortcake.

Our last day was spent at the beach on Sullivan’s Island. Poe’s definitely gave the “energy” we needed to share some wine and take a nap on the beach. All in all, we had a great trip and I definitely want to go back again! Erik says he still prefers Wilmington. I want to go back because there are too many lovely restaurants to try in less than a week. Also, I want to go back during a different month, March was still a tad too chilly and some better beach days would be nice, along with a different month would put more locals in town so the bars won’t be as empty-we went while College of Charleston was on their spring break too, it made Charleston a little quiet. We were so exhausted from the trip that we even had to make a quick rest area stop so Erik could catch some Zzzzzs (P.S. if you haven’t noticed, you’re going to see this H&M leather cardigan a lot, it’s my go-to travel companion ALWAYS). Can’t wait to make this trip again!


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