San Diego, La Jolla and Los Angeles

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If you read my about me, then you know how much I have enjoyed taking advantage of the flexibility I have from earning my MBA online. Being able to take my classes with me anywhere has allowed me the opportunity to catch up on some much needed traveling. The first thing I did with this time is use some of my graduation money to spend New Years 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia. This is where my love, and loyalty, for the Hyatt brand hotel lines flourished-seriously, you will see me mention staying at a Hyatt during many of my travels, I try to find one in as many places as I go to. The next trip of my grad school adventures was San Diego for Comic-Con!


If you don’t know anything about the process for getting tickets to Comic-Con, it’s tedious and luck of the draw. I spent an hour in what was called an online waiting room that then would send me to another room where I was to purchase my tickets, if my waiting room number was never randomly selected…SOL. Guess which one ended up happening? S|O|L


Would that stop the trip from happening? NO. It just meant that a whole 4 day weekend that would have been dedicated to the Con can now be spent adventuring California. When we first got to the Hyatt San Diego, the view, I knew my trip was going to be complete. Of course I had to pack my running gear and got to do the mile track that goes down the middle of our hotel view picture (featured). We spent our first day walking the streets (our Hyatt was right beside the Con’s convention center) people, I mean, Cosplay watching; soaking in the wonders of the Con; and exploring the vender booths outside the convention center. Seriously, being in Sand Diego during Comic-Con even without a ticket makes you feel like you are part of it all. Everyone and all the businesses get into this event, all the bars we went to had super hero themed cocktails, it’s an experience.



The 2 full days of our trip was decided on 50/50-Erik wanted to show me La Jolla on his day and I wanted to finally se L.A. for the first time during my day (I had some plans up my sleeve). So off we go on our second day to La Jolla. My first experience amazed me: after stepping out of the Uber and walking through La Valencia Hotel that opened out to the rocks and water, the huge waves crashing against the seals sunbathing on the rocks. It was such a pleasantly adorable town. Lovely hotels, stylish boutiques and the best part was feeling like you were in a movie, relaxing on the rocks, listening to the loud waves crashing under you. We walked a good chunk along the water and rocks, popped into a few boutiques because how could I not come back without La Jolla fashion and then ended our day at a quaint hotel, sharing cocktails, cheese appetizers and tapas.


And on the third day, they ran off to Los Angeles, well trained off…railed off? We took a 3hr train ride. Honestly, I did think it was going to be some Hollywood star-studded streets that would wrap me up in amazement. We got out of our Uber at the Chinese Theater, spent 15mins looking at as many of the celebrity handprints as we could, and the Sun and the amount of tourists was already too much.I mean there was so much I was fascinated in seeing for a typical L.A. first-timer, but if I only had one day to do this before catching the last train, I had to make my site seeing worth it. So we got the best Uber driver and got him to take us around to the sets of ABC’s Modern Family. My favorite comedy and the show that my bunny, MoFy, is named after. My summer was made, I couldn’t believe I got to walk up to all 3 of the families’ houses and admire in awe. Our Uber driver was also a fan and he lit up when we first told him what we needed him to do for us, he was such a trooper driving us around all day carrying great conversation and just a pure delight. He even got excited at each house with us and got out to take pictures too! I was so thankful to have been able to cross this off of my bucket list.



On our last day, we had quite a bit of time on our hands and if you hadn’t noticed that time was not spent much in the city we actually SLEPT in. Our flight wasn’t until 10pm so we had plenty of time to sip cocktails by the pool and then walk around the streets one last time soaking in the sights of Comic-Con and the lovely, and CLEAN, city of San Diego. Every single day was a new experience and pure delight. Now this, I thought, was a great way to start off my grad school travels. And I couldn’t wait for more.



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